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Message from the President

When I agreed to become the president of The 5 & Dime Board of Directors at the end of 2019, I never could have imagined a year like 2020.

A virus so infectious made hosting performances in our intimate Downtown location impossible. After several months of waiting and hoping, the long-term pandemic precluded paying rent and utilities on a space ill-suited to the new reality. These circumstances forced The 5 & Dime to leave the space we called home since 2017. We were nomads once again.

At the same time, worldwide protest around the deadly and inequitable treatment of black and brown people finally began to puncture the consciousness of white people. Some of that rage came crashing through The 5 & Dime’s window. Although it was just little broken glass, this event emboldened the theatre’s commitment to making change in Jacksonville. The Board and many volunteers united behind local #BlackLivesMatter protests, providing water, snacks, and a safe space for protestors.

At the end of 2019, Lee Hamby, Josh Waller, and the rest of the Artistic Team had such an amazing year of productions planned for 2020. We managed to host three productions before everything shut down in March. Throughout the year, we stayed in touch with 5 & Dime fans through virtual happy hours with long-time supporters as guests.

During this downtime, the Board reflected on The 5 & Dime’s commitment to collaboration among a diverse community. I think you’ll see evidence of that throughout 2021 and beyond.

Some of my most powerful theatre moments have occurred in the audience of 5 & Dime productions. I look forward to more of those this year when we celebrate 10 years of The 5 & Dime.

I hope you will join me, the board, our new Managing Artistic Director Bradley Akers, the founders, our volunteers, and our patrons as we enter the 10th anniversary year of The 5 & Dime with great enthusiasm and creative energy.

Denise M. Reagan

President, Board of Directors

The 5 & Dime Theatre Co.


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