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A Staged Reading of "an American Masterpiece" (Newsweek)

TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES, 1992 is a stunning new work of "documentary theatre" in which Anna Deavere Smith uses the verbatim words of people who experienced the Los Angeles riots to expose and explore the devastating human impact of that event. From nine months of interviews with more than two hundred people, Smith has chosen the voices that best reflect the diversity and tension of a city in turmoil: a disabled Korean man, a white male Hollywood talent agent, a Panamanian immigrant mother, a teenage black gang member, a macho Mexican-American artist, Rodney King's aunt, beaten truck driver Reginald Denny, former Los Angeles police chief Daryl Gates and other witnesses, participants and victims. A work that goes directly to the heart of the issues of race and class, TWILIGHT ruthlessly probes the language and the lives of its subjects, offering stark insight into the complex and pressing social, economic and political issues that fueled the flames in the wake of the Rodney King verdict.

What is Reader's Theatre?

Reader’s theatre was developed as an efficient and effective way to present literature in dramatic form without the effort and expense of mounting full productions. Reader’s theatre often uses narration to serve as the framework of dramatic presentation; uses simple and suggestive rather than full stage sets; uses partial and suggestive or neutral and uniform rather than full costumes, and uses scripts openly in performance. Presenting plays as reader’s theatre allows us at The 5 & Dime an opportunity to present scripts we otherwise wouldn’t be able to produce because of budget limitations or size of cast requirements.




Written by Anna Deavere Smith

Directed by Lindsay Curry

SM Nicole Anderson

All tickets are $12

June 7 & 8 @ 7:30 p.m.

June 9 @ 2 p.m.


Amy Love

Bill Ratliff

Jocelyn Geronimo

Chris Randolph 

Jas Abramowitz

Rhodie Jackson

Richie Rosado

Cynthia Riegler 



BABS'LAB is a place for experimentation, training, and performance. It is a place where the community comes together to witness work that uplifts, breaks barriers, and crosses lines. BABS’LAB regularly hosts performing artists who want to workshop original material. Other events  at BABS’LAB include: readings, dinners, improv jams, listening parties, film screenings, concerts, and private parties.  
Artistic Director: Barbara Colaciello

Spotlight Sponsor

A Special THANK YOU to Our Sponsors!

Mary Robison 
June 9

For $125 or $250, YOU can sponsor a performance of Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992—all proceeds from this sponsorship helped to cover production costs such as set, lighting, props, and costumes.

  • 2 or 4 tickets for your selected performance.

  • Reserved seating.

  • Special recognition in programs, on the website, and on social media.

  • Special recognition during pre-show curtain speech.

For only $125 or $250, YOU can sponsor one evening's cabaret! For more information on sponsorships reach out to


The 5 & Dime is committed to providing a safe atmosphere for everyone in attendance, onstage and offstage, at Significant Other. We appreciate your cooperation with our COVID-19 safety protocols. The 5 & Dime reserves the right to update these COVID-19 Safety Precautions at any time


  • Masks are requested at all times within the facility from audiences, volunteers, artists, and staff, regardless of vaccination status. The performers will be unmasked for their performance, but will remain masked backstage before and after the show.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available.

  • Optional pre-packaged beverages available at Concessions.

  • We encourage all tickets to be purchased ahead of the event online for a contactless check-in.


An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By visiting The 5 & Dime and our nomadic partners, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. All visitors must follow The 5 & Dime's health and safety protocols. Please help keep each other safe. 

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