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A Thank You to the Outgoing Board & A Welcome to the Incoming Board

The 2020 Board of Directors were faced with big decisions and tough tasks last year. Together, they planned fundraisers, created remote theatre experiences, and moved the theatre out of its Downtown location. This board will be remembered for the tough decisions they were called on to make and how they met challenges head-on during an incredibly difficult year.

The 5 & Dime owes massive thanks to its outgoing board members for their time, willingness to help, thoughtful advice, and support:

  • Jaz Abramowitz

  • Natalie DeYoung

  • Austin Farrish

  • Pernie Gilbert

  • Rachel Kenneth

  • Stephanie Menciano

  • Michael Morris

  • Jeffrey Totty

  • Kyle Sieg Yazbec

The 2021 Board of Directors features a few new faces and positions but the same dedication to the success of the theatre. The 5 & Dime proudly presents the members of the 2021 Board of Directors:

  • President: Denise Reagan

  • Vice President: Kacy Hope

  • Treasurer: Craig Johnson

  • Secretary: Barbara Marshall

  • Eli Bekkum

  • Martha Bekkum

  • T.R. Hainline

  • Aryaa Garretson

  • Circe LeNoble

  • Madelene Skinner

  • Zonnetta Marie Thomas

  • Josh Waller


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