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Cowford Realty & Design becomes 2022 Season Sponsor

Community is at the heart of what we do at The 5 & Dime—the stories we tell, the conversations we spark, the artists and patrons we collaborate with, and the partnerships we forge. It is because of this community that we are able to enter our 11th season of producing theatre, especially after a global pandemic that brought us to a screeching halt. As we get back on our feet, community and collaboration is what drives our mission forward.

With that being said, we’ve got some exciting news!

We’re pleased to share that Cowford Realty & Design is The 5 & Dime’s 2022 Season Sponsor!

Cowford Realty & Design’s support comes at the perfect moment during our nomadic journey; it ensures that we have a safe, inviting, and creative space for our artists to rehearse all of the stories we’ll bring to the community in 2022.

"Cowford Realty & Design is honored to be able to support The 5 & Dime. Community theatre helps us tell the important stories of our time and process and find meaning in our complex world," says Heather Buckman, Owner & Broker of Cowford Realty & Design. "Supporting The 5 & Dime and its actors/storytellers is a natural fit for us, as we care deeply about our arts community."

“This relationship unlocks a new door for us as we’re still ‘on the road!’ Their beautiful facility located in Avondale gives us an anchor in the Urban Core—a consistent space for us to create,” says Bradley Akers, The 5 & Dime’s managing artistic director. “Furthermore, the support from Cowford Realty & Design signifies a partnership that celebrates collaboration and community, which is always at the forefront of our work.”

Cowford Realty & Design matches people with spaces that make them feel right at home through care, creativity, collaboration and connection. Under the leadership of Buckman, Cowford Realty & Design’s incredible team of agents help to create meaningful change in their clients’ lives.

"At Cowford Realty & Design, we are passionate about Jacksonville - its people, its homes and its neighborhoods. It is a privilege for us to be able to match people with spaces that make them feel right at home, and to help them build wealth along the way," says Buckman. More information about Cowford Realty & Design can be found at

Learn more about The 5 & Dime’s 2022 Season here.


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