"Every morning after I see a 5 & Dime show, I wake up and feel there's hope for this world yet."

- Niki Stokes

As much as you find hope in The 5 & Dime, we find hope in YOU. Because of you, we're driven to create more, connect more deeply, and work harder to bring you outstanding, entertaining, thought-provoking productions to our community.


COVID-19 has changed the way a lot of us live and work, and it has certainly changed how we unwind. It has brought us difficult times, but also a sense of togetherness, understanding, and camaraderie. Our goal is to keep this going as we move through this trying time together. 


When the time comes, we want to be ready to create with you and bring you some of the best local theatre out there. As a small, local nonprofit theatre, we're facing some unique challenges, and to ensure we're able to come together in person again, as soon as we're able to safely do so, we need your help! 


We are launching a Relief Campaign with a goal of $30,000 to cover operating costs while we aren't able to come together. We appreciate any gift you're able to provide. 


We also want to hear from you and why you support The 5 & Dime! Shoot a quick video, tell us how our shows, staff, or volunteers inspire you,  Please keep the video to 20 seconds or shorter and email to leeh@the5anddime.org. We can't wait to hear what you have to say!


As always, thank you for your continued support, and we cannot wait to celebrate in person with you again soon.