An update from co-founders Lee Hamby, Josh Waller, Craig Leavitt and Evan Gould, and the Board of Directors at The 5 & Dime: 

There’s no doubt about it: COVID-19 has impacted all of us in so many different ways. As we’ve continued to monitor the situation, it’s clear that The 5 & Dime must evolve to meet the unique needs of our new reality. Thankfully, we are no strangers to transformation, and our resolve to press on is as strong as ever.

With these facts and our mission in mind, we’ve determined that the best way to move forward in these unprecedented times is to return to our roots as a nomadic theatre company while continuing to plan for our eventual return to a more permanent space when the time is right.


When we reflect on the core of who we are and what we feel called to do, we are confident this is the right decision. We all must rise to meet this moment and this is how our small, nonprofit community theatre with big hopes and dreams can begin to do that. To be honest, we see this as an exciting opportunity to express even more creativity and have a bit more fun with our shows and settings! More on that in the months to come.


For now, please know that we look forward to your continued partnership as we enter this new, yet still familiar phase of our story, and we will continue to share updates and opportunities as often as possible. 


Thank you, as always, for your support.

The 5 & Dime, A Theatre Company