Written by Samuel D. Hunter | Directed by Bradley Akers



Josh, Male, 20-24
Smart and grounded. He has been collapsing internally since the recent death of his father, but is good at masking it. Not one to complain or ask for help, he's become an expert at keeping up appearances and getting through it. He's preparing to join his friends on a church mission to the Middle East, but unlike his friends who are only staying for six weeks, he's made the decision to move there for the rest of his life to proselytize.


Tom, Male, 20-24
Josh's best friend who is accompanying him on the mission. The son of a preacher who has never lived up to his father's strict standards. He's physically smaller than Josh and his emotions are closer to the surface. Nervous, but fiercely intelligent. Josh's decision to stay in the Middle East permanently means they'll never see each other again, and Tom feels the air is slowly being pulled out of the room.


Michaela, Female, 26-29
Josh's older sister. A former addict who is newly back on her feet. Assertive and no-nonsense, she's come back to her hometown in order to stop Josh from moving to the Middle East.


Ada, Female, 24-27
The ebullient leader of the church mission who has been on missionary trips to the same area before. Her bubbly exterior masks an astute and perhaps conniving core. Has a healthy ego and loves the feeling of leading a flock.


Denise, Female, 20-24
She is accompanying her husband, Marcus, on the church mission to the Middle East and is excited to have one last adventure before the expectations of her deeply religious family force her into a life of conformity. Though her exterior is polite and soft, she's discerning and quietly brilliant.


Marcus, Male, 20-24
Denise's husband. Nervous to go on the church mission, but deeply dedicated to his religious principles. Warm, naive, in a bit over his head, and simple in his desires to live a comfortable life of faith with the woman he loves.


Chuck, Male, 50-59
The pastor of a fundamentalist church in a town in southern Idaho that he founded himself. He's a born speaker, warm and charismatic; his foundation is avuncular, but he can pull out the fire and brimstone when necessary.

November 8, 9, 11*, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24
*= special pay what you please Monday night performance  

The 5 & Dime
112 East Adams Street
in Downtown Jacksonville


In the basement of a small evangelical church in southeastern Idaho, a group of young missionaries is preparing to go to the Middle East. One of them – a young man who has recently lost his father – has bought a one-way ticket. But his plans are complicated when his estranged sister returns home and makes it her mission to keep him there. What follows is a deftly nuanced piece of theatre that New York Magazine called “Passionate and funny and daring […] marvelously theatrical in a way that most serious plays about faith are not.”

From the author of the past 5 & Dime production The Whale, Samuel D. Hunter returns with another searing testament of the power of religion, family, sexuality, and poverty, and the dangerous ways they intersect in our modern society.




• Please bring a headshot & resume. (A headshot taken on your phone is okay!)

• Please bring ALL known conflicts between September 8 - November 24. 

• Please be prepared for cold readings from the script. 


Thanks for your interest in being part of The Harvest! Auditions are one of my favorite parts of the process. Please remember something - I want to cast you! So, show us what you have. Be yourself - be confident - relax - and enjoy yourself. Don't let this audition be a scary thing because I want to see your most authentic self. The Harvest is a searing, slice of life drama. It tackles extremely tough themes, choices, and situations. I want to create as authentic an experience possible both onstage and in the audience, so keep this in mind when prepping for the audition. The dialogue is quick, the characters are crafted with fine and nuanced details. I’m looking for honest, brave choices and decisions onstage.

If you have any questions or would like to familiarize yourself with the script prior to auditions, please email Managing Director Lee Hamby at


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